Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Truth About Gran Turismo 5's Install

So prior to Gran Turismo 5's release, there was speculation as to how long it took to install the game with one source suggesting 40 minutes. The source to this article can be found by clicking here. Like many, I was quick to dismiss that statement and was expecting a 20 minute install,  but upon witnessing the install first hand, it really does take a long ass time.

So with my shiny new copy of Gran Turismo 5 booted into my PS3, I am greeted with a patch download. Upon installing the mandatory 133MB patch, you are asked if you wish to install the game. As I am really impatient when it comes to load times, I figured I'd wait a while now and enjoy quick race load times later on. Gran Turismo 5 requires 6.4GB of free hard drive space. The following photos were taken at the times stated below:

*Please note that this is from a final retail copy of the game. Installed on a classic 80GB PS3*

1:08 AM  -Begin install-

 20 minutes left? Awesome! Maybe it's really not as bad as that guy said. Devil May Cry 4 seemed to take longer than 20 minutes.

1:29 AM  - 21 minutes into installation-

Ok.... it's been 21 minutes since I started installing and yet it still says 20 minutes left, and it's only around a quarter done. What is this shit?

1:42 AM   -34 minutes into installation-

Well we're over half an hour into installation and just over half way done. Let's hope that the second half moves more quickly. Note how it's suddenly changed to 9 minutes left.

1:48 AM  -40 minutes into installation-

Well it seems as though the second half moves along a whole lot faster, thankfully. Still, it's been 40 minutes into installation and 'apparently' only 2 minutes left.

2:04 AM -56 minutes into installation-

Trust me, regardless as to what the picture says, there were more than 4 second remaining. Strangely, it stuck on 24 seconds remaining for about five minutes or so. Almost there now...

2:05 AM  -57 minutes into installation-

Finally! With almost an hour of waiting, the game finally finished. Thankfully, the 133MB patch downloaded really quickly, so if you include that, I would say it's taken around an hour and ten minutes to get from first boot to main menu. I am not sure if different Playstation 3 models will install any faster, but if you still doubt these results, I can provide timestamps from the photos themselves. Anyway, I'll wrap this up now as I cannot wait to literally start my engine and get my dick into this game. This article is not designed to be flamebait or cause controversey, it's simply educating anyone who is curious about the total install time. Yes, it's a long time to wait, but you know as well as I do, it's going to be worth the wait!

So ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!


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