Friday, November 19, 2010

Mad Overdose - One Month In...

So technically it's been a bit longer than a month since I published the first post on and I wanted to take the time out to say how impressed I am with the amount of site views and traffic that has gone through. At time of writing, the website has had over 3350 total page views! Thank you to everyone who stops by, reads the blogs and enjoys the content and of course thanks to those who write the content.

I have to admit, I was rather disappointed at first with how a large percentage of my YouTube fanbase were quick to just say "fuck you, I'm unsubscribing" During the Riddick videos, I almost had 6000 subscribers and since stopping - I have lost around 500 or so. Don't get me wrong, I can understand why some may have unsubscribed, that's now what I have an issue with. I understand that you will want to find the next big hotshot to satisfy your LP thirst (see my fiancé for example - KatsumisKorner) The issue I have is with the people who turn hostile simply because I'm no longer making Let's Plays, which is both pathetic and sad. I would have thought that these 'fans' would have wished me luck on future projects but it seems as though some simply didn't give two shits. Again, that's fine, just don't go sending me messages about how I'm a dick because I'm not satisfying you're needs.

Still, with all that said, the few that decided to give Mad Overdose a chance, and enjoyed the podcasts and the blog content, I thank you. I would rather have 3300 page views consisting largely of new traffic, than 6000 views from people who were just following over. I think it's a safe bet in stating that the page views are mainly from those who watched/listened the podcast, and those who saw news articles posted on A website that I frequent every hour or so.

So I guess this is just a big thank you to those who have stopped by to read what this little corner of the internet has to offer. Granted, it's not much (yet) but I still plan to continue supporting the website. Reviews, top 10's, podcasts and more will still follow. Speaking of podcasts, I feel I should quickly address a question that was messaged to me a while ago. A YouTube user asked why we don't podcast more frequently. My answer to this is simple. It's a monthly podcast and it's also a case of when we can all get together. It's not a weekly thing we do, it's Episode 3 should be posted soon.

The future for Mad Overdose is definitely improving and I can honestly say I'm happy with how things have turned out so far. I think when total page views accumulate to around 4000 or so, I will consider hosting a proper domain combined with WordPress. This will give the website a more professional and will allow more tools and options that I do not have now. I would have a proper online storage network to host and backup content onto. It would allow for a much more modern and eye pleasing layout. At the moment, it's a simple Blogger account that has many restrictions. Of course, simplicity and usability is a must for Mad Overdose. My aim for Mad Overdose is to provide gamers with bite-size reviews and articles written by people who play the games themselves. A proper WordPress page would give the freedom that I think Mad Overdose would need in order to put our name out there. Still, there's no rush. If this were to happen - expect a complete overhaul on how things look and operate (including flash integration, web2.0 features, etc) but at the same time expect the accessible user friendly layout and simple look that you see now.

We're starting to establish an audience, now the fun really begins...

Stay tuned. Some exciting news will be posted today or tomorrow!


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